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Art by: Maya Hayuk @mayahayuk

After seeing some of the most "successful" people in the world struggle and not feel happy or realized as their best selves I decided to go back to school and learn the art & science of coaching (I thought "life coaching" was new age garbage until I really researched coaching at the suggestion of my own therapist and saw how deep it goes and how very legitimate it can be).  I also learned it's not about telling people what to do with their lives but learning how to use powerful questioning to help people get to their truths and the best versions of themselves.  I put in the course work, accreditation hours and now have a practice within my Biz 3 world. I was called a “Rockstar Whisper” by the Guardian UK recently but all are welcome no matter their circumstance. I see CEOs next to broke college kids next to famous musicians next to out of work tradesmen. I’ve lived a lot of lives and I care deeply about helping people to get to where they want to be whether that is in their personal lives or with their careers. Nothing is off the table for exploration.  I have decades in both the business world and in deep personal work so the scope of my coaching goes from the personal to the executive/professional.  It's all the same in the end and they clearly effect one another.  I am currently ICF credentialed in Coaching and am doing additional certifying in Addiction/Recovery coaching as well as Relationship coaching as part of expanding my skills and expertise under the Coaching umbrella.


THE COME UP... I'm a scrappy girl from Milford Michigan who now at age 50 resides in Los Angeles with my two school aged boys. I built a successful 26 year career in the music industry from a desk pulled into a borrowed closet of a local Chicago bar while also waiting tables at night and that is where I formed my company Biz 3 in 1996, which now enjoys almost 200 clients with offices in Chicago and LA.  I have had a 20 year obsession with all things well-being (therapy, meditation, shaman, essential oils, zillions of self-help books, TED talks, retreats, ceremonies, etc).  That fascination exists because this stuff actually works.  We all battle our own issues, road blocks, addictions, abilities, etc.  The bigger the tool bag we build up, the better off we will be.  The happier we will be.  The more fulfilled we will be.


PCC, ICF certified

Personal/Professional Coach
Founder/CEO of Biz 3

Woodwork by: Craig Jackman @jackmandesign


Kathryn Frazier

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"Kathryn Frazier spent much of her career raising the profiles of clients like Migos and Daft Punk through publicity but now as a life coach she also helps artists stay on an even keel." - THE GUARDIAN UK
“For the past 20 years, public relations agency Biz 3 has grown from a scrappy endeavor operating out of a closet to a powerhouse in the music industry … Biz 3’s growing dominance within music and beyond has been expertly stewarded by founder Kathryn Frazier … For two decades, Frazier has managed to grow Biz 3 by not running her company according to status quo guidelines ...One of the most beneficial lessons Frazier has adopted in growing Biz 3 past its boundaries is the philosophy of surrender.” FAST COMPANY
"Kathryn is the owner of this massive company, and their press releases are gold to music writers and bloggers worldwide” - COMPLEX MAGAZINE
“'Kathryn’s coaching has been positively transformative in my life,' says hip-hop artist Vic Mensa. 'It has helped me hold myself accountable to my values and growth that I want to see for myself.'”  - VIC MENSA in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE
"Keeping Biz 3 malleable is how the company has lasted for 20 years and will continue to be the key to possibly another 20. Frazier may be a little unorthodox–not to mention a little cramped in that car of hers–but clearly she’s doing something right" - FAST COMPANY
"In a field where flacks wield more power than ever before, Frazier hovers over all, thanks to a high-powered client list” - ROLLING STONE


Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative talking process that brings about change and realizes potential.  Ruts, roadblocks and hurdles can be overcome.  Visions and goals get reached.  Paths can take shape and become clearly mapped out.  It gets you to your best place where you aren't just surviving but actually thriving. Sessions can tackle almost anything- from personal relationship issues to negative self perception to life and career shifts, transformations and overall growth.  All facets of life can be explored.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Career Coaching Today: Forget the Corporate Ladder and Find Yourself

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"Kathryn Frazier has been an amazing benefit to my life and I highly recommend her as a coach. 


As it happens, about eight months before I found her, I had made a commitment to find a therapist as a New Years' resolution. I consider myself pretty self-aware and mostly solid emotionally, so I wasn't looking so much for a traditional "on the couch" shrink as I was looking for someone who could help me overcome blocks I wasn't aware of and help me get to the next place professionally as a writer and artist. I spent eight months looking for someone to no avail and then, as fate would have it, I met Kathryn at a Hollywood premiere. She had one slot left. It felt like kismet. 


Through about six months of Skype and phone sessions, Kathryn helped me re-energize my thinking about my career and myself. She helped me examine issues around self-doubt, self-talk, self-worth, and even love, intimacy and sex. Nothing was off-limits. I appreciated that she has what I will call a "rock and roll" spirit about her; she's not a stuffy, cold, overly academic clinician but a person who has done cool shit, knows cool people and speaks from a place of authenticity because she's had to put herself out there as a professional and a parent. (I should also add that I am black, and I loved that Kathryn has lots of experience working with and coaching black as well as gay people; I really appreciated that she can understand the experiences of people of color/LGBTQ issues but is not one herself which, for me, was a bonus because I personally wanted a coach who was not too close to my own experience in order to get perspective.) I cherished the fact that she shared bits of her own life with me too; that made her relatable and real. 


The last thing I'll say is that, in addition to the "50,000 ft. view" coaching that I needed around areas like confidence, self-worth, intimacy, etc, our sessions were, at times, mundane in the best way. She made me pay attention to breathing. She made me start and organize a spreadsheet of contacts. She made me craft pitches, and gave me a bunch of other small, almost embarrassingly obvious practical tips that amounted to big steps forward for me. And she's just cool as hell.

I can't rave about her enough and feel so very lucky I got to be coached by her. She's fantastic. If you get a chance to work with her, you'd be very lucky. If you had a chance to work with her and didn't, you'd be very dumb." 

- Malcolm Venable, Journalist/Screenwriter 

"Kathryn’s coaching has been positively transformative in my life. It has helped me hold myself accountable to my values and growth that I want to see for myself."  


- Rapper Vic Mensa in Billboard Magazine 2018

"I cannot say enough about the importance of what Kathryn is doing for artists and the industry in general, both personally and professionally. Kathryn’s work has been a blessing and a huge resource for us. She brings two decades of experience working directly with artists and, as a highly sought-after publicist, she has exposure to many of the challenges they face. I’m aware of very few life coaches, therapists, and resources for artists that really understand the business and what the real-world challenges are." 
- Mike Caren (Global President A&R at Warner Brothers/ CEO of APG)

"The big surprise now looking back is how much has aligned for me since my coaching with Kathryn began. I look forward to every session with Kathryn because I always walk out with clarity and direction. I always have an “aha moment” about myself when I’m with Kathryn."  


- Isaac Heymann (A&R at American Recordings/Head of Content for DASH Radio)

"Kathryn's coaching is priceless.  Compassionately and with care, she gives me wisdom, support and motivation.  I didn't think I needed it until I got it and now I can't live without it." 


- Andy Capper, Producer/Director

"Kathryn has a remarkable way of getting to the heart of simply asking questions. She's not going to provide answers but she is going to guide you on this journey of self discovery...if you have the courage to do the work required. If you're hoping to be spoon-fed ideas or the answers that you're looking for, I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed. If, however, you come to a session with open hands and an open mind and heart, it's amazing what you will discover." 


- Brian Hill, Casting Director, CSA

"Your discerning eye, honest approach, and the ability to make me feel seen and heard was needed at a time when I could barely see the light.  Thank you for guiding me through it, helping me get to the core, see myself, and see where I can improve."


- Lee Tilghman (Lee From America), Health & Wellness Expert

"It's important to only take advice from those who have the experience to back it up. Kathryn has emphatically planted her flag across multiple creative industries and built her own empire through her determination, ability to speak and act with deliberateness, and the attention she pays to those around her.  In my coaching sessions, Kathryn provided me with not only the tools to realize my goals, but helped me think about my immediate goals in the context of my long-term ones. Both empathetic and organized, Kathryn is a master communicator who will surely help anyone who enrolls."

- James L /Designer

"Kathryn's coaching has transformed my life tremendously. Before I started receiving coaching I was very anxious and angry often. Kathryn helped me focus on self care and referred a lot of self help books that have really helped. After a session with Kathryn I feel empowered and very moved and encouraged to tackle any obstacle. I am less angry less anxious and more confident in myself. I am truly blessed to have her as my life coach. She is an expert!"

-Kathryn N /Social Worker

"I've never felt so supported and guided in the most clear and calm way. Kathryn Frazier has changed my life, made me see how I can best light my path and take the next steps to make my hopes, dreams and goals happen in a doable way. She has helped me with conflict resolution in both professional and personal relationships, she has given me tools to use in the workplace that help me navigate stressful emails and how to communicate in an effective way. She employs clarity and compassion in the communication skills she offers. And when I use the methods she teaches, my life is better and I am acting in accordance with my best self in all of these areas. I highly recommend working with Kathryn. If you are stuck, get unstuck!"

- Antonia Author/Professor

"Kathryn is a god-send.  I came across her at a point in my life/career where I was struggling to see a clear path forward.  Within a few weeks of meeting with her - I felt back on track.  Her insight transcends the music industry and has had a positive effect on all aspects of my life.  My favorite quality is her brutal honesty.  It's rare in this town - but it's quite refreshing and is exactly what I was looking for.  Paired with her unquestioning good will and her depth of experience in the industry - Kathryn is a powerful resource for anyone who is looking for a helping hand in achieving their dreams."  

- Danny D /Musician/Producer

"A legendary triple threat of seasoned publicist, tastemaker, and executive coach - Kathryn has a unique ability to listen, focus on a precise issue and action step, and let you do the work to move towards achieving your goals. Highly recommended."

- Morgan P/ Musician

"It has been very difficult for me to find someone I am comfortable to open up to and work with, I am thankful to have found her.  She not only helped me identify patterns in my life that were disruptive and keeping me stuck but also made comprehensive plans to change my behavior. 
She is action based and the results have been staggering to myself and those around me."

- Anonymous/Musician

"Kathryn has been a mentor and almost a second mother-figure to me over the last 6 years. She was first responsible for turning me on to meditation, which was the single greatest gift anyone ever gave me.  Years later, I'm very happy that she's chosen to pursue life coaching...because now I don't have to feel guilty taking up so much of her time chatting about my existential problems!  I've long dealt with issues feeling like I'm not actualizing my potential enough or not living life the right way. In just a few sessions, Kathryn provided me with tools and resources to help mitigate the "voice in my head" and enable me to focus on what's important.  If you are feeling uncertain or apprehensive about your life, career, relationships, or similar, I would wholeheartedly recommend a chat with Kathryn."

- James D /Artist

"Kathryn's method of coaching is extremely gentile and powerful. She is able to quickly find the root of a road block and works in tandem with you to discover why it is there and move it out of the way. My time with her was transformative both personally and professionally."

- Jen H /Tech Exec

"Kathryn is an incredibly driven and motivated coach and a fantastic listener. Her life experience and involvement with various organizations in LA make her one of the most effective guides to getting closer to your true self and your dreams. She is incredibly caring and yet also straight forward. If you need a push, a plan or a better sense of self, go directly to Kathryn."

- Chuck /Musician

"Absolutely life changing woman. I can go on forever about the experience she has in her fields, and in life.  She is a true guiding light in times where you may find yourself lost, unsure of your feelings and overall, just need a really good mentor.  Her wholeheartedness and support is felt throughout and I honestly don't think you could be in better hands if you are also able to understand what a honor it is to have any of her time."

- Melissa G /Creative Director

“Kathryn is a true master in the art of coaching. Her ability to listen, understand and provide actionable insights has had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth”

-Demian Brener, CEO

"Kathryn has a profound gift for marrying the tactile and practical with deep esoteric wisdom. She can take a struggle or problem and help  you circumnavigate ways around it but also peel the onion layers back ten fold and get to something much deeper with you while also providing tools and wisdom to sort through it. I feel so grateful for her perspective and the things we discuss have gone much farther than just changing my approach to business but have really changed the way I approach my life on a wholistic level."

- Sarah Rhoads /Photographer

"Kathryn's couples coaching was a game-changer for my partner and I. She helped us better understand each other and gave us practical tools to strengthen our relationship. Kathryn has a unique talent for creating a safe and supportive environment for both partners to communicate and grow together"

- Prefer to be Anonymous

Working with Kathryn has helped me in countless ways in my career, but more importantly she is helping me realize my full potential and stay true to my path and larger life goals. Kathryn is incredibly helpful to anyone looking to make a change in their life, whether that is a radical shift or something simpler, but everyone would benefit from having her support and guidance in their life""

- Rachel T / Film Producer

"Kathryn has been a life-changing executive coach for me. She’s straightforward, truly caring, and very effective in her approach. Kathryn has helped me actively practice self-care and shown me tools to move past various personal and professional challenges to achieve real fulfillment. I’ve seen tangible results in a short amount of time, and look forward to continually learning from this amazing woman."

- Helena N / Music Executive

"Since starting meeting with Kathryn, I’ve unlocked and discovered a whole other way of living and possibility.  She has been able to help me organize my thoughts and work through what is important to me in a way that has brought  tremendous shift and positivity. The tools she has given me are beyond valuable and provide me with a growing confidence to work through my challenges. I've discovered practices and routines that I will forever be grateful for. She has a way of helping me bring to life things that I've been forever living in the shadows of. Through the years I’ve sought out therapy and never had the connection or takeaway that I've had with Kathryn.  With each session I find myself more hopeful and empowered"

- Michelle L. (Creative Director)



UCLA- Teaching Professor for 2024 


ChangeMakers: How to Manifest Your Great Ideas
Guest speaker talk and a day of lectures with students
Watch here
State of Women in Music
EDM, Crowds, Connections & Consumers
Alexis Krauss (Sleigh Bells) / Julie Greenwald (Atlantic Records) / Kathryn Frazier (Biz 3) / Laurieann Gibson (choreographer) / Lori Feldman (Universal) / Mona Scott Young (Monami Entertainment)  / Sylvia Rhone (Epic Records) / Val Boreland (Revolt TV)
Shattering the Stigma: It's Time to Talk About Mental Health
Erica Krusen (MusiCares) / Gary Gersh (AEG Presents) / Kathryn Frazier (Biz 3) / Nick Jarjour (Maverick) / Phil Schermer (Project Healthy Minds & BlackRock) / Sabrina Abskhan (Project Healthy Minds & Briovation)
FC/LA Fast Track - Most Creative People in Business
Dana Meyerson (Partner, Biz 3) / Kathryn Frazier (Founder, Biz 3)
Opening guest speaker at company retreat
World Mental Health Day Panel
Erica Krusen (MusiCares) / Kathryn Frazier (Biz 3)
Guest speaker talk with CEO Mike Caren (President of Global A&R Warner Music Group)
Solo guest speaker talk/lecture with staff
Multiple guest speaker talks/lectures with students throughout the year
Moderated panel with People Like Us
Moderated panel with activist, humanist, writer Anasa Troutman - watch here
Moderated panel with Duncan Trussell and Jaden Smith - watch here
Featured on 'Expert Advice: Kathryn Frazier's tips for at-home care' - listen here.

My name is Michael Sternfeld, and I'm a Producer for the David Lynch Foundation and also work closely with Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa.  I recently had the pleasure of bringing Kathryn Frazier in to speak at our "Becoming a Transformative Entrepreneur" event this past June, featuring leading changemakers.  Kathryn gave an amazing TED-style talk relating her own personal experience of how she found her own core of inner resilience and used that as a foundation to make a significant difference in the world, particularly in the music industry.  She has an uncanny knack of connecting with people in an authentic way, and the students here at the university found her deeply inspiring on every level.


After her presentation, she was thronged by students and ended up meeting with them for several hours at lunch, coaching, advising and mentoring them.  She deeply cares about people, and it shows in the way she communicates with and touches people.  She also visited several classes and made more of an impact with her insights and support to the students in their growth.


I highly recommend bringing Kathryn Frazier in as a speaker in any context that relates to personal growth coupled with manifesting in the world in a big-time way.

- Michael Sternfeld, Producer, David Lynch Foundation


Tools I Use Myself


People skip self-care because they are too "busy" and miss the crucial reality that the MORE you make time for the self-care the BETTER everything goes and the MORE you are able to handle. All this with actual happiness and not just achievement or "keeping up."



EVERYTHING listed below I actually do. 

It's that combo that keeps energy level/focus very high and anxiety and depression low.  When people ask how I balance all this: running a busy PR/Media company, hands-on single mother, continuous education (I am always in a school program getting accredited further with coaching), Google consultant, an entire side Coaching practice, Recovery sponsor, trying to write a book, doing lectures and engaged in a connected social life with friends it's BECAUSE I do all this below.  Real talk- without the stuff below my house of cards would tumble basically. Do I miss some of it daily? Of course, but what I don’t skip is various forms of it all day long. Hybrid approach but the goal is to do it all consistently so it’s just part of your life. 



EVERYONE NEEDS THIS TOOL AND MOST I COACH DON'T HAVE ONE WHEN I ASK! It’s to stop negative self talk,anxiety, fear, depression, addiction impulses and keep you from reacting in an actual stressful situation or interaction.


Also known as “Getting Present”. This isn’t some hippie dippie bullshit phrase- it actually can be used all day so you don’t react and go off into emotional discomfort.  It’s so real.


This is your Number 1 tool in life so this book or technique (or one like it) is ESSENTIAL.


Eckhart Tolle book (and audiobook- I recommend using both at same time) “Power of Now”.  To me it’s a guide on how to get through life with some peace and actual freedom (ie: happiness).



I summarize it in lecture and coaching- when the movie in your head is running on about the past or the future (or negative self talk) just acknowledge your emotion around it very simply like an obvious statement with no judgement and it helps to say your own name “Kathryn you're scared” and then simply get present with things around you using your senses (the car smells weird, the air conditioner is clicking, a man in orange shirt is crossing the street, i hear a horn, there is dust on the dash board, my neck itches). Do a handful of these-10 or so.  You will notice you are not in that movie anymore in your head.  If you go back to it then do the same process again. The first day will be non -stop. Like keeping emotional kittens in the basket.  It will lessen a lot.  You will retrain your brain to not fixate on the past or future tripping. This brings so much peace and relief. This is your power tool when in a bad head space, in an argument with someone, dealing with an inflamed situation, etc.







This book is the key to life in my opinion- no joke. You actually practice these 4 agreements daily and your life will go well and you will have piece of mind. I feel strongly about this because I use it and it works. I am a former sometimes angry, unhealthy and caustic person. With therapy and adhering to this I am none of these any longer as a general character (of course I have my moments!)



1 Be impeccable with your word 

2 Don’t take anything  personally

3 Don’t make assumptions

4 Always do your best



BREATH by James Nestor: 

This book blew my mind.  None of us breath right any longer and it’s actually changed our face shapes and created crowded teeth.  This book brought an awareness and hope to breath properly to have your whole life change (affects depression, anxiety, disease, ADHD, etc).





This book and his whole lecture series is a life changer.  He explains the mystical and some of us need to know the science of why The Law of Attraction is real.  This is Quantam Physics explained for the lay person and it’s FASCINATING and can be done immediately to shift your life.  I’d suggest going down the Dispenza rabbit hole and taking what works for you.  Manifesting is definitely real and we can manipulate our own energies to have things go as we wish.



A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle:


They should give this book to everyone at birth and it should be read yearly.  Pure wisdom and perspective to give you tools to not get caught in ego and all the negative self talk that comes with it.  A must have in my opinion.





THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho:


I love this book which is a beautiful fable of being on your path and living by your “personal legend”.  It feels like it should be read every 5 years of life to me. I’ve given this to many and they always say how inspired they feel and what a reminder it is to live a realized life and not get caught in one that you don’t love.



YOU NEED A DAILY FORCEFIELD: MEDITATION (build up that forcefield around you so you are less reactive to stresses of the day): I do TM but any meditation is great and there are endless apps and YouTubes to help find something. TM Acosta money but also has a sliding scale program so it’s accessible. 


TM (Transcendental Meditation).  It’s a game changer physically and mentally. Your stress goes down immediately, energy goes up and creativity spikes 


It eliminates hypertension and stress. The Mayo Clinic uses it for patients to instantly remove hypertension.  It makes you flow creatively (David lynch and Martin Scorsese talk on this all the time).













                                                                                MATTHEW SPANGLER 

                                                                  • Meditation Teacher & Breathwork Guide •

He teaches powerful personal development tools for releasing accumulated stress, activating inner bliss, and developing personal potential.


                                                                           Links to Connect with Matthew 




BREATHING (rids depression, anxiety and brings energy, focus and peace. 70% of body fat is released through great (Right?!). So concentrated purposeful breathing changes everything. Most people are just breathing short and just surviving.  


We all breath but most people do not consciously breathe at all.  The science behind a breathing practice is so compelling.  You can control your body and it’s functions via breathing.  It’s fascinating and shockingly simple to do.  It should be taught in elementary school and done your whole life daily like brushing your teeth.


State Breathing App:

This is cheap, simple and highly effective. Just do it everyday in the morning and night for 4-7minutes



Research other breathwork- it’s all great. Brian MacKenzie with SH//FT, Wim Hoff, etc 




 MOVE YOUR BODY!  (less depression, more energy)


This is obvious.  The science behind exercise and mood/vitality is overwhelming.  Find something and do it 3x a week and get your heart rate going.  Yoga, Pilates, Running, Classes, Cross Fit, Tennis, Walking, Gym, Hiking, Basketball, whatever it takes and that will keep you doing it.


Get a Fitbit to help you be mindful and get used to paying attention to you moving.


New York Times on depression and exercise...


Time Magazine on…



ESSENTIAL OIL / PLANT MEDICINE (this isn’t just pleasant aromatherapy- it’s powerful extracts that can alter mood, alleviate depression, anxiety and give you a lot more immune system power and energy):


Doterra oils are my favorite but Young Living brand is great too. I use them all day every day.  I drink them, put them on thin skinned areas like back of neck, wrists and behind knees.  They keep you in a great balance.  This stuff is what medicine was for thousands of years until only the last 150 years when modern medicine really kicked in.  


Download the “Modern Essentials” app so you can quickly see how to use the oils for various ailments/issues)


What I think are essentials to get right away:   Frankincense, Lavender, “Balance” blend, Wild Orange, Lemon, DDR Prime soft gels, Mryhh, “On Guard” soft gels, Eucalyptus, etc.


I use these daily and they work with emotions and preventing sickness. 


MAGNESIUM I discovered this during insomnia.  It’s incredible.  Buy Natural Vitality CALM.  Magnesium is something most people are low on and it effects so many of the body’s functions.

This stuff makes you feel calm. 


  • Supports healthy levels of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays a key role in over 300 cellular processes in your body—including maintaining healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular health, and brain and nervous system function*

  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels*

In order to fall asleep and stay asleep, your body and brain need to relax. On a chemical level, magnesium aids this process by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for getting you calm and relaxed



(if you get your gut flora right you will have less illness, ailments, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of energy):


Progurt probiotic sachets (very costly but very powerful):  I take one sachet a week in juice. Google these and get them if you can.



Take any high level pro-biotic pill daily (avail on amazon or Whole Foods, CVS) and I do this in addition to the progurt sometimes.  


CBD OIL (reduces inflammation, reduces anxiety and depression greatly, cures insomnia). So much out there but research it and find what works. Takes a month to show up with effects. 


“Charlotte’s Web” Balance CBD oil to start with...



“Relief” blend of Balance CBD- slightly higher formula:



FASTING (done for thousands of years to regain energy, strength and patterns of metabolizing and to flush organs):


Intermittent Fasting- I do this and really like the effects: lose weight, more energy, better health.  The science behind it I like.  You only eat for 8 hours a day and the rest of the time you are letting your body regenerate and not have to be breaking down food.  I do 12pm-8pm.  So I’ll eat lunch at noon and dinner done before 8pm.  On a day where I have a dinner planned I’ll just eat lunch later so the timing is the same.  


New York Times on it...


Harvard Health on it...

Dr Schulze Liver Cleanse: Our liver has to filter all the crap we put in so this is important for everyone.  Especially people who consume drugs or alcohol or have in the past.


DIET (this could be an epic list so I’ll keep it simple- if you eat well then your energy level and vitality will be there).


Vegan/Plant based- the science is there on this.  If you don’t put animal fat and bad cholesterol then your body responds well and you are safer from many ailments like diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, auto immune disorders, etc.  


Watch "What the Health” documentary on Netflix for a beating over the head of why this is the way.  I saw it and never went back and have been a dairy free Pescatarian since (full Veganism for me was too intense and took the joy out of eating out for me so adding fish back in filled that gap but keeps me mostly plant based outside salmon once a week).



Keto or High protein- I did this for a long time.  It seems to yield great results for how your body looks and loses weight.  It’s still high in cholesterol with all the meat intake which to me means you might look great in a bathing suit but are your arteries like that of an obese person?  This does not seem healthy. 


You can look up your needs with diet.  I think clean simple eating with as little processed food as possible and low/no sugar is the best for health.  I keep animal fat and dairy out of my diet and have had significant results with energy, mood and how I look.  Some feel they need and thrive on meat.  


THERAPY (this is crucial and is only at the bottom of the list because I assumed maybe it’s already happening. I think everyone can benefit from therapy and it should be constant and free (paid by the government). It’s hard being a human and we all need that weekly vent and ability to work through past issues- usually stemming from childhood. 


Ask friends or google good therapists on psychology today site. 


Shaman are key to me too, plant medicine ceremonies, EMDR therapy (have not done but about to try) and Somatic Experiencing Therapy (tried 3x and was blown away by the deep access to feelings it gave me). 


Anything to dig into your past and talk through them is imperative 




I have used a coach and it was so helpful for getting unstuck with some personal and professional blocks.  You can address anything you would in therapy (or your entire life) but it’s approached differently and I have found real movement came from it Vs is just talking about it endlessly but sometimes feeling like it was not moving forward.  It’s a process of being asked your own questions so that aha moments come from you Vs being advised by someone or just venting.   


Google coaches near your or check the ICF website for certified life and executive coaches. They are not all the same or accredited so look for that ICF logo.  





Located on the east side of Los Angeles but appointments most often are on video chat or phone as clients span the country and timezones.

Art by: John Herndon @agrapedope 
Art by: John Herndon @agrapedope 
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