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"Kathryn’s coaching has been positively transformative in my life. It has helped me hold myself accountable to my values and growth that I want to see for myself."  


-Rapper Vic Mensa in Billboard Magazine 2018

"I cannot say enough about the importance of what Kathryn is doing for artists and the industry in general, both personally and professionally. Kathryn’s work has been a blessing and a huge resource for us. She brings two decades of experience working directly with artists and, as a highly sought-after publicist, she has exposure to many of the challenges they face. I’m aware of very few life coaches, therapists, and resources for artists that really understand the business and what the real-world challenges are." 
-Mike Caren (Global President A&R at Warner Brothers/ CEO of APG)

"The big surprise now looking back is how much has aligned for me since my coaching with Kathryn began. I look forward to every session with Kathryn because I always walk out with clarity and direction. I always have an “aha moment” about myself when I’m with Kathryn."  


-Isaac Heymann (A&R at American Recordings/Head of Content for DASH Radio)

"Kathryn's coaching is priceless.  Compassionately and with care, she gives me wisdom, support and motivation.  I didn't think I needed it until I got it and now I can't live without it." 


-Andy Capper, Producer/Director

"Kathryn has a remarkable way of getting to the heart of simply asking questions. She's not going to provide answers but she is going to guide you on this journey of self discovery...if you have the courage to do the work required. If you're hoping to be spoon-fed ideas or the answers that you're looking for, I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed. If, however, you come to a session with open hands and an open mind and heart, it's amazing what you will discover." 


-Brian Hill, Casting Director, CSA

"Your discerning eye, honest approach, and the ability to make me feel seen and heard was needed at a time when I could barely see the light.  Thank you for guiding me through it, helping me get to the core, see myself, and see where I can improve."


-Lee Tilghman (Lee From America), Health & Wellness Expert

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