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"Kathryn Frazier spent much of her career raising the profiles of clients like Migos and Daft Punk through publicity but now as a life coach she also helps artists stay on an even keel." - THE GUARDIAN UK
“For the past 20 years, public relations agency Biz 3 has grown from a scrappy endeavor operating out of a closet to a powerhouse in the music industry … Biz 3’s growing dominance within music and beyond has been expertly stewarded by founder Kathryn Frazier … For two decades, Frazier has managed to grow Biz 3 by not running her company according to status quo guidelines ...One of the most beneficial lessons Frazier has adopted in growing Biz 3 past its boundaries is the philosophy of surrender.” 
“Kathryn’s coaching has been positively transformative in my life,” says hip-hop artist Vic Mensa. “It has helped me hold myself accountable to my values and growth that I want to see for myself.”  - VIC MENSA in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE
"Keeping Biz 3 malleable is how the company has lasted for 20 years and will continue to be the key to possibly another 20. Frazier may be a little unorthodox–not to mention a little cramped in that car of hers–but clearly she’s doing something right" - FAST COMPANY
"In a field where flacks wield more power than ever before, Frazier hovers over all, thanks to a high-powered client list” - ROLLING STONE
"Kathryn Frazier of agency Biz 3 is a leading music publicist. Over the course of a 26-year career, she’s set up her own PR agency, founded a record label with Skrillex and worked with clients including Daft Punk, Run The Jewels, J Cole, Migos, G-Eazy and hundreds of others. More recently, she’s taken time out to train as a personal and professional coach, inspired by having seen a number of artists around her struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction and often a cocktail of all three.” - GQ UK
"Kathryn is the owner of this massive company, and their press releases are gold to music writers and bloggers worldwide” - COMPLEX MAGAZINE
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